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About UIY

UIY was established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, with the registered capital of 200 million yuan (about 32 million dollars). It is an integrated enterprise, which includes research, production, marketing and service for the civilian and military microwave communications device. The products are sold all over the world. Relying on industrial advantages and excellent professional skills, UIY won reputation and public praise in the microwave communications industry under experienced domestic and international operation mode.

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Dear Customers and suppliers, For celebrating 2021 new year holiday, UIY has the holiday arrangement as follows:  1st-3rd January, 2021. The work return day would be 4th Jan, 2021. We hope that our customers and friends would be acknowledged in advance. Customers who need to order please contact us earliest, so we could arrange the production as soon as possible after the holiday. All the pr......Detail
UIY Surface Mount Isolator and Circulators are very popular among our customers because of the compact product size, easy installation by reflow soldering, plus optional high frequency and multi-frequency range. The Surface Mount Isolator/Circulator is easy to install. It does not require any complicated installation skills or wiring, but solder to the applied board directly. So how is the......Detail
In order to meet customers demand, UIY has made the following product adjustments: 1. Due to the thickness issue of the previous 12-18GHz Drop in Circulator, now UIY has updated the product model of Drop in Circulator to UIYBDC815B:   2. The production of the previous model UIYDC1215A (Drop in Circulator) has been suspended. The frequency range of the model  UIYDC815A (Drop in Circ......Detail
China's current microwave sub-band code Band code Nominal wavelength (cm) Frequency wavelength (cm) Wavelength range (cm) L 22 1-2 30-15 S 10 2-4 15-7.5 C 5 4-8 7.5-3.75 X 3 8-12 3.75-2.5 Ku 2 12-18 2.5-1.67 K 1.25 18-27 1.67-1.1......Detail
Dear valued customers, We would like to invite you to attend the 15th International Conference & Exhibition on Microwave and Antenna Exhibition at Shanghai on 27th-29th October, 2020. During the exhibition, our experienced engineers will be available to demonstrate UIY products and introduce in details. UIY representatives are appreciated to hear from you your valuable opinions, discuss abou......Detail
Dear customers, We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth in EDI CON2020 at the China National Convention Center from 13rd to 14th October, 2020. You are invited to register with the VIP code UIY20VIP and participate the exhibition for free. Our experienced engineers will be at the booth to demonstrate and introduce UIY products for you. We are lookin......Detail