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Time : 2020-04-23

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice on Adjusting the Frequency Use Plan for the 700MHz Band”, It is required to re-plan part of the spectrum resources originally used for broadcasting and television services for mobile communication systems. Clearly plan to the frequency band 702-798MHz will be used for mobile communication systems, The 703-743 / 758-798MHz frequency band is planned to be used in the mobile communication system of frequency division duplex (FDD) working mode.

And China Radio and Television has obtained the 703-743 / 758-798MHz band, 40MHz each for upstream and downstream, total 80MHz bandwidth, Instead of the 30M * 2 bandwidth that existed in the industry before. This means,  China Radio and television can make full use of more low-frequency high-quality resources, To improve the peak rate of 5G network and user experience, Speed up the 5G construction process.

Judging from the 700MHz frequency band planning plans announced by various countries,The 703-748 / 758-803MHz scheme is the most widely used and fully utilized frequency planning scheme, And support the evolution to 5G system. The use of the 703-743 / 758-798MHz frequency band for FDD-based mobile communication systems is compatible with mainstream global planning solutions, and is conducive to sharing the global industrial foundation. China Radio and Television’s 700MHz frequency band proposal was adopted by the mobile communication international standards organization 3GPP and included in the 5G international standard, Became the world’s first 5G low-band (Sub-1GHz) large-bandwidth 5G international standard.

5G low frequency RF isolator/circulator

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